Baby Care: 101

This is a 2 hour in-home information session with instruction on how to care for a newborn. (Can be done before or after you deliver).  This care may include:


Newborn Care:

  • Help with bathing, swaddling, diaper changes, cord care, circumcision care, soothing and calming techniques for a crying baby.
  • Infant Massage
  • Help with feedings (breast or bottle)
  • Monitoring feedings and dirty diapers to make sure baby is “getting enough”
  • When to notify an MD

Breastfeeding & Breast Pumping Support:

  • Help with breastfeeding including latching, sore nipples, instructions on nipple shield use, positioning techniques, milk supply, and instruction on how often and how much to feed.
  • Instructions on how to use breast pump, pump assembly, cleaning pump parts, and making sure breast pump is being used properly.
  • Breast pump rental information and referral.
  • Lactation consultant referrals if more significant issues arise.

Bottle & Formula Instruction:

  • Help with formula preparation.
  • Instructions on bottle feeding (amount and frequency).
  • When to know if your brand of formula is not working for your baby and when to change.

New Mother Postpartum Care:

  • Care for vaginal deliveries:  techniques and support on healing the perineal area after delivery.
  • Care for cesarean deliveries: incisional care, physical support on how to bend, lift, and move after surgery, pain control, assessing for signs of infection and when to call your doctor.
  • Breast care: how to heal and care for sore nipples.
  • Support and advice on how to heal and care for yourself after delivery!

Emotional Support

  • Assessment, support, and referral for Postpartum Mood Disorders, if needed.
  • A kind and listening ear, and constant support person during your postpartum period.
  • Non-judgemental, calming, professional support.